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Friday, August 19, 2005

lesbian pornstar fantasies by susan

Lesbian Porno Star Fantasies. By Susan

You only needed three words to describes Kristen, Drop Dead Gorgeous. At 19 she was supermodel material, with long blond hair as fine and soft as silk, dreamy blue eyes, and a shapely body to match with perky 36B cup breasts, and a 29 inch waist that lead to a tight round ass. Kristen was out going, happy, always smiling and always horny. Her favorite activity was sex, and if oral sex could be considered a hobby, then she was master of the game.
Kristen would be the first to admit that she was a nymphomaniac. But she was also a lesbian. And the cum now, cum often lifestyle she loved to live wasn't all that accessible to her. Most of the women she hooked up with would simply power out after a few weeks or months at best. Kristen could fuck all night and all day, and would often masturbate to orgasm in-between sex sessions just to get her required 20 climaxes a day.

Kristen was an adopted child, and while she had a good childhood, her desire for sex over everything else made her grades suffer and prevented her from securing a steady job. That was until she hooked up with Belinda. Belinda was a triple X movie producer, and the sexy, sluty Kristen was sure to be the next high profile lesbian sex star.

Kristen showed up at Belinda's office on a Friday morning just before nine. She was going to take part in a photo shoot with some of the girls she would be staring with in a new lesbian series called, `The Sixty-Nine Sex Girls.'

"Your early," Belinda said with a smile as she watched Kristen stroll through the door.
Kristen smiled back. "I thought maybe I could snack on your pussy for a while... The girl I slept with last night said her cunt was to sore for me to eat this morning.. I guess I over did it."
"You always over do it Kristen, that's why I love working with you." Belinda pushed back for her desk and spread her legs wide. She wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt, and was more then happy to show off her pretty pink pussy lips to the sexy blond.

Kristen knelt between Belinda's legs, placed her hands firmly on her inner thighs and pushed her legs even wider before lowering her face to the fat, fleshy folds of Belinda's cunt. Belinda was in her thirty's, had given birth to four kids and had a very big and sloppy cunt, Which was something Kristen adored, as she could get her tongue right up inside her birth canal. Kristen loved getting her tongue deep inside a wet pussy, she loved licking the cream off the inner walls as her nose pressing into her slit. It was as if she was being consumed by cunt. The smell, the taste, the texture. Feeling the wetness flowing down her chin as she sucked and licked deep inside her fuck hole.

Belinda moaned as Kristen's tongue entered her hole. She could feel her tongue scooping up her juices. Belinda pulled her blouse open and let her big, 40 plus D cup tits hang free. Belinda caressed her hard nipples as she enjoyed the tongue lashing. She loved that Kristen was so eager to eat her out. That she didn't even have to start with kissing or foreplay. That she could just spread for her and she would jump right in. Belinda was clean shaven around her labia, but her mound was a thick tangle of jet black hair. She had let Kristen shave around her vagina, something she hadn't bothered with before, but Kristen loved the shaved look and hated to pause to remove an errant hair.

Kristen was addicted to the smell and taste of pussy. And as she ate Belinda out she finger fucked her own hairless cunt. Kristen smiled up at Belinda as she moved closer to climax.
"Can I fist fuck you?" Kristen asked.
Belinda was only able to moan loudly, which was all Kristen needed. She slipped two fingers into her hot, wet hole then moved her mouth to her clit. She sucked her clit into her mouth as she moved her third and fourth finger into her dripping fuck hole. Her thumb quickly followed, and Belinda gasped as Kristen's hand pushed forward stretching her entrance wide and then slipping deep with a `POP'. Kristen slowly twisted and turned her hand inside Belinda's cunt. Pulling back, then pushing forward. Belinda's bumpy inner flesh grabbing as her wrist as Kristen thrust her hand forward and into her cervix.

Kristen felt Belinda reach orgasm before she screamed out loud that she was cumming. Her rich and creamy juices coated her hand and Kristen started to lick around her wrist that was hugging her cunt lips, drinking up the juices that squirted free. Once Belinda orgasm reach its end, Kristen pulled her hand free, then sat on the floor infront of her and licked her hand and fingers clean as Belinda looked on.
"Don't I get a taste of that?" Belinda asked.
"Of course you do," Kristen said. And she came up and kissed Belinda, letting her taste her own juices on her lips andtongue.
Kristen and Belinda kissed and caressed each other for a while and Belinda was kind enough to finger fuck Kristen to an orgasm as she fondled her big tits.
By noon, Kristen was in the middle of the photo shoot as well as the middle of yet another orgasm. Unlike so many photo shoots for magazines with models acting the part of lesbians, Kristen was in bed with three other sexy women, all of who were lesbians. So when the female photographer asked for a pussy licking shot, that's what she got. In this case she was getting pics of two women's tongues licking at the same hot wet hole, in this case, Kristen's.
Belinda watched from the sidelines, and next to her was the woman who was putting up the money to make this movie. Elektra. Elektra as Belinda's age, 34, and a very sexy looking blond herself. She had a great looking, firm ass, natural 36C cup breasts and the same bright blue eyes that Kristen had. Elektra was a confirmed lesbian, at least now she was. She had been Bi in her teens, and had even gotten pregnant when she was 15, giving up the baby for adoption. But by the age of 20 she was only into women and her love of lesbian porn had gotten her into making XXX rated movies.

Early in her career she had star in her own movies, but as the years passed, had moved in behind the camera, and now finally producing. That was where the real money was. And with money came more then just getting to have sex with all the lovely women on the set, but let Elektra indulge in her twisted, perverted lifestyle. For Elektra it was one thing to act out some of her fantasies before the camera, but was something completely different to be able to live it. Elektra's only problem was finding someone as equally perverted as she was.
Belinda whispered to Elektra. "Kristina's a hotty isn't she?"
"She sure is." Elektra.
"Her pussy is really nice and sweet too."
"Mmm, sampled her have we?"
"Many, many times. She's a nymphomaniac."
"Is that why you got her for this shoot?" Elektra asked.
"That and the fact that she can eat you for hours on end."
"Really, but don't take my word for it, try her on for size."
"I think I will."
Once the promotional shots were done, Belinda introduced Elektra to Kristina. Kristina's mouth was covered in the combined juices of the other women she was working with, and before Kristina could say anything to Elektra, Elektra was deeply french kissing her.
When Elektra broke from the kiss she said, "Mmm, your mouth tastes so good."
Kristina smiled back. "You can thank my co-stars for that."
"I will," Elektra said, "But first mind if I sample you?"
"Not at all." Kristina laid back on the bed, spread her legs, then reached down and with both hands sliding under and around her legs, she reached up and spread her bright pink pussy lips. Elektra dipped her tongue into the sweet, 19 year olds cunt. Her hot, spicy juices gushed into her mouth and coated her tongue. Elektra slurped and sucked up the cunt juices as they streamed into her mouth. Elektra loved how compact Kristina's cunt lips were, and how smooth her vagina felt against her cheeks and she plowed her face into her wet slit. Elektra brought Kristina to a quick and powerful orgasm, then kissed her again as she caressed her shapely 36B cup tits.

Kristina said, "So can I return the favor?"
"Of course you can dear," Elektra said.
Belinda and the other three girls watched as the veteran porn star stripped down to her sexy, silky black panties and bra. Kristina stopped the older woman before she could uncover her big tits. "Let me," Kristina said, and then with her teeth she bit lightly at the side of her bra and pulled it down off her breasts. As quickly as her nipples came free, Kristina covered one with her mouth and sucked and licked at it. Then she kissed her way down Elektra body, and did the same with her panties, pulling them down with her teeth. Elektra pussy was also shaved clean, but her cunt lips were full and fat, and her inner labia lips were lick and meaty. Her outer lips were lined with several gold rings plus she had a clit hood ring.

Kristina smiled at seeing Elektra puffy pussy lips and all her pussy Jewelry. "Mmm lots for me to play with," Kristina said before her tongue darted into the fleshy folds and twirled her tongue up and around many golden rings. Elektra's cunt was very tangy, something Kristina loved. Every woman had a different taste, some more then others, and she loved it when the girls juices had a tart or spicy taste, she felt like she was really getting to taste her essence.
Kristina finger fucked Elektra as she ate her out, playing with her fleshy folds, and gently biting her clit and pulling on the clit hood ring with her teeth. Elektra raised her ass up off the bed pushing her cunt into the young girls face. Kristina slipped her thumb down between Elektra ass cheeks and then pushed her thumb right up her ass. She then squeezed down on her index finger and she pressed upward with her thumb, rubbing the thin piece of skin that separated her finger from her thumb and rolled them back and forth. Elektra moaned in pleasure and bucked her hips. Kristina, wanting to show off her talent then pushed two fingers from her other hand into Elektra's cunt and started to caress the top part of her cunt walls, working her G-spot. Elektra screamed loudly as a powerful orgasm took her.

Belinda and the other girls clapped and cheered at Kristina's fine work and Elektra didn't stop moaning or cumming. Kristina felt the rush of cunt cream that washed over her fingers as Elektra had a second G-spot orgasm. She quickly pulled her fingers free and covered her entrance with her mouth and drank down her pussy juices. Kristina held Elektra hole open wide and slurped up the cum that dripped out of her to pool just inside her entrance.
After Elektra's orgasm waned she pulled Kristina to her and kissed her forcefully. Kristina moaned as she felt the older woman's fingers invading her cunt again as well as having her lick her mouth and cheeks, lapping up her own juices from her face, an act that she often preformed.
Belinda stripped off her clothes as Elektra and Kristina kissed on the bed, and they all joined in. The woman that was there to take the promotion pictures quickly began loading another roll of film and started snapping away as the orgy of flesh on the bed got hot and nasty. Mouths covered pussies, hands caressed tits, fingers found fuck holes and cunt juices flowed freely. Several hours passed without a break, but in the end only Kristina and Elektra were on the bed when all others had gone home.

"Well, this turned out to be quit and interesting meeting," Elektra said as she kissed Kristina's right nipple.
"You can say that again," I never expected you to have such staying power."
"And why's that honey?" Elektra asked.
"I've yet to meet anyone that could keep up with me that's all."
"Oh a challenge. I like a challenge. How about you come back to my place and we will see who keeps up to whom."
"Your on." Kristina said with a kiss and a lick.
Elektra was a rich bitch and her bedroom, the one she used for kinky sex was filled with toys and lotions of every kind. In one corner of the bedroom was a sunken Jacuzzi shaped like a spread open pussy. Even her bed was kinky looking, king size and also shaped like a big, fat pussy. The pillows were tit shaped, and the walls were covered with pictures of hot, hardcore lesbian sex images. Most from films Elektra had been in or movies she had produced. She even had several cameras hooked up, most pointing at the bed or the jacuzzi.
"Mmm, this looks like a fun place to play."
Elektra said. "Normally I don't bring first dates here, too intimidating, And I must admit, with you being so young, I might scare you with what I'm capable of."
Kristina kissed Elektra. "I've been looking for someone like you all my life. A hardcore lesbian slut. I'm just not sure you are hardcore enough for me."
"You fucking little cunt, I'll show you just how fucking kinky and hardcore I am, and when I'm done with you, you wont even be able to walk."
"Talks cheap.. action is.." Kristina didn't get to finish her words, Elektra pushed her down on the bed and kicked her legs open. "Spread that fucking cunt bitch, I've got a few good toys that need breaking in."

Kristina pulled her pussy lips wide as Elektra put on a strap-on dildo. The plastic cock was twelve inches long and three inches wide. Kristina gasped as Elektra rammed it into her fuck hole, not even lubing it up. Elektra worked the big dildo in and out of her cunt for several minutes, until her juices had coated every inch. Then she pulled it out quickly and pushed the tip of it against her ass.
Kristina said, "You're not going to get that up my ass hole, it's to big, I haven't taken anything that big before."
"Good, just one of many `first time' fuck events in store for you."
Kristina moaned in pain as the head of the dildo stretched her asshole to the limit. Tears rained down her face as the big toy pushed deep, forced that way as Elektra lifted Kristina's legs up and rocked her ass up to meet the dildo.
"Spread your cunt open for me as I fuck your ass slut."
Kristina did as she was told. Opening up her pink slit, then pulling her folds back so that Elektra could see deep into her entrance. Then Elektra pushed herself up so that she was riding on top of her young sexy slut, the nine inches of the dildo buried deep in her ass. As she worked the dildo in and out of her ass, it started to feel wonderful, her ass soon adjusted to the size of the toy and the pleasure of being ass fucked brought her to orgasm. Then Elektra started to pee. Kristina's eyes widened. Elektra was pissing right into her cunt hole. A steady stream of clear colored pee rained down on her hairless mound and ran all over her slit and her fingers that held her hole open. Some of the hot liquid ran down over her belly and filled her belly-button. She could feel Elektra's piss flowing into her cunt and the hot spray felt wonderful. Elektra pissed, then stopped, then pissed again. Taking hertime.

"Ohh, I see I am filling you up Kristina, but I have so much more to give. And it's such a waist to let it all just soak into the bed. I know..." Elektra then reach into a pocket lining the bed and pulled out a clear plastic piece of hose, about four feet long. She then pushed one end into Kristina's piss filled cunt, and the other end she feed to her mouth. "Okay slut, drink up." Kristina looked back into Elektra's blue eyes, and matched her wicked smile. Then she started to suck. Steaming hot piss filled her mouth and she drank it down without complaint. To Kristina's surprise it didn't taste bad at all, if fact it tasted good. Maybe it was the fact that her cunt was so wet, that the pee took on some of her flavor, or maybe it was that Elektra's pee simply tasted good, at this point Kristina didn't care, this type of nasty play was what she was looking for. Then as Kristina sucked Elektra's piss out of her cunt hole, Elektra started to piss again, this time right on her clit, which caused Kristina to orgasm. "Drink up your fucking lezzy cunt, and hold my piss in your mouth for me."
Kristina sucked up a mouth full of pee and held it as Elektra wanted, then Elektra pulled the big dildo out of her ass, and brought it to her mouth. "Open wide, I need to clean your ass juices off my toy." Kristina parted her lips and Elektra jammed the fat dildo into her mouth. A great spray of piss gushed from her mouth coating both their tits and stomachs. Undaunted, Elektra fucked Kristina's mouth with the toy and Kristina sucked it clean. Then watched as Elektra took the plastic tube into her mouth and drank the last of her hot piss out of Kristina's cunt. She held onto the last mouthful, then spit it into Kristina's face. Elektra then pushed the dildo back into Kristina's cunt as she kissed her and began to lick her face clean.

"So was that hardcore enough for you?" Elektra asked.
Kristina smiled. "That was a good start, but what other tricks do you have."
Elektra smiled. She had found the love of her life at long last too.

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